10 Things Every Cancer Patient Should Invest In

10 Things Every Cancer Patient Should Invest In

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Lets start off with a DISCLAIMER:  I am not a doctor.  This is not medical advice.  This posting is simply my opinion, and like buttholes, everyone has one and some of them stink. Seek the advice of a medical professional.

In my personal opinion, I believe that the body can heal itself naturally.  Please do not take this as diminishing the value of chemotherapy and radiation, I KNOW that they work. I just believe that there are things that every cancer patient should invest in to help the body to heal itself.

The main things that cancer loves are:

1) Sugar

2) Milk

3) An acidic environment.

So these 10 things that every cancer patient should invest in are targeted towards eliminating the things that cancer loves.  So lets get started.

10 Things every cancer patient should invest in:

1) Half of the battle with cancer is getting your mind-game right.  I truly believe in the Law of Attraction and that you can attract health into your life.  2 books that have helped me with my Law of Attraction practice are The Magic and The Power.


2) You should also begin to understand the benefits of an ALKALINE DIET.  The video the Gerson Miracle is FREE on Netflix.  Alternatively, you can buy it online.  Basically, an anti-cancer alkaline diet would include eliminating meats or switching to organic meats (no hormones and antibiotics).  it takes the body a long time to digest meats, especially beef and pork.  Your body could use that energy for fighting cancer cells instead!  Also, you should add in organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and legumes, nutrient rich and organic salt (not the typical white bleached table salt – try using Braggs Amino Acids. and the appropriate amount of Omega 3’s and 6’s.  Most of these things you can acquire at Whole Paychecks, I mean Whole Foods or Trader Joes.  Alternatively, you can order online.

3) Turmeric and Bromelain. This combo supplement helps to fight cancer as well as its an anti-imflammatory.  There is a ton of information regarding Turmeric and Bromelain online and I would invite you to Google extensively how it can help with pain as well as fighting cancer.  Whole Foods sells it for $24.  And it can also be found online.  If you are looking for a high-end luxury version (think Rolls Royce) of Turmeric and Bromelain with 2 types of curcumin and a bunch of other vitamins  I suggest the Enagic Ukon Turmeric To order this, you must include my Distributor #7290043.

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4) A Juicer.  When my mom was diagnosed with cancer, my cousin bought her a juicer, and I wondered why.  I then researched juicer’s and also found the FREE netflix video, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and I thought this is 1 of the best gifts you can give a cancer patient.  There are several types of juicers on the market.  Here is my comparison between the Breville Juicer and the Jack Lalanne Juicer.  However, I highly suggest you get one.  As you will see on the Gerson Miracle, that they recommend juicing as one of the fastest ways to get healthy vitamins and nutrients into your blood stream.


5) A Bullet.  A nutri-bullet is also another awesome way to help you get your fruits and vegetables in.  My parents love it.  I personally prefer the taste of juice better than the consistency of a bullet, but that is personal preference.  And my opinion doesn’t matter, because it the awesomeness of all of the nutrients and fiber that you get from a bullet that counts.

6) Traditional Chinese medicine.  Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) helps to get the body to a restorative state so that it will heal itself.  Some options for TCM are acupuncture, accupressure, tai chi, qi gong, herbs and supplements such as Canticer, herbal tea, lymphatic drainage etc.

7) A good detoxification – There are several ways to detox the body. Some body parts that really detoxification are the kidney, liver and colon.  I definitely recommend that you speak to your medical professional before engaging any type of detox. The Gerson Miracle recommends a coffee enema, but they don’t recommend it while doing chemotherapy.  This one is really touchy, so im going to leave this to the professionals.

8) Immune building supplements – Your immune system is under attack, and can use some help from natural supplements.   Some example of good supplements to use while fighting cancer are Milk Thistle (which also helps with getting the liver healthy), chlorella, aloe vera, mushroom extracts, IP6, and flor-essence)

9) Natural chemotherapy – Some people are opposed to taking radiation and chemotherapy.  For those, then the natural chemotherapy treatment may be a better option.  Shark liver oil, shark cartilage and melatonin , and Amygdalin or B17 are some examples of natural chemotherapies.

10) Alkaline Water – I made this last, but it is definitely not least.  Alkaline water helps to make your body alkaline.  The best Alkaline water that your body can have is Kangen Alkaline Water.  It is an anti-oxidant, micro-clustered and very hydrating water.  Cancer cannot live in an Alkaline environment.  So this Kangen Alkaline water, helps to fight cancer.  The machines are a great investment.  You cannot put a price on your health. There are several financing options.  To order this machine, you will need my distributor ID # 7290043.  Change your water, change your life!

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It is my sincere hope that one or some of these tips, helped you or a loved one fighting cancer.

Like I said before, these are just my opinions and not to be construed as medical advice.  Seek the advice of a medical professional before engaging in any new health protocol.

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