Hiromi Shinya Diet and Kangen Water

Hiromi Shinya Diet And Kangen Water This article was originally posted on Live Strong. Kangen water is an important part of the Hiromi Shinya Diet. Photo Credit Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images Dr. Hiromi Shinya is a gastroenterologist who believes that the modern Western diet contributes to many common health problems. His solution …

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10 Things Every Cancer Patient Should Invest In

10 things every cancer patient should invest in

10 Things Every Cancer Patient Should Invest In Lets start off with a DISCLAIMER:  I am not a doctor.  This is not medical advice.  This posting is simply my opinion, and like buttholes, everyone has one and some of them stink. Seek the advice of a medical professional. In my …

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Kangen Water Price List and Model Numbers

Kangen Water Price list Kangen’s Flagship Model – Leveluk SD501 -$3,980 –  7 plates – Ultimate family / business use – approximately $45 per month – 12 months interest free – 230 watts – 5 year warranty – LCD Panel & Voice prompts – Platinum coated titanium electrodes – 15 …

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Enagic Financing Options

buy machine

Zero Down Zero Interest Financing GREAT NEWS – FINANCE YOUR ENAGIC KANGEN WATER IONIZER! There are several Enagic Financing Options, find out which one is best suited for your personal situation. Now you can own this World Class Top of the Line Alkaline Water Purification System with NO Money Down, …

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