Give the gift of health – a Kangen Water Ionizer

kangen water ionizer

Give Kangen For Christmas! As we make those last minute gift decisions for our family, we want to give them the best. Of course, the latest video game or a new tablet computer are popular choices, but an even better gift you can give to your family is something that …

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DIY Glass Cleaner Using Kangen Water

DIY window cleaner

DIY Glass Cleaner 1/4 cup distilled white vinegar 1/2 teaspoon Strong Kangen Water Dish Soap 2 cups Strong Kangen Water 10 drops essential oil (optional) Directions:: Combine ingredients in a spray bottle and shake to blend. This will make your windows and glass look and smell so clean.  I personally …

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Kangen Waterista – Cary, NC

kangen water testimonial

Today, I received a call from a Kangen Waterista in Cary, North Carolina (close to Durham).  She loves the Kangen Water because it helps her friend who has gout. She informed me that she drives from Cary to Charlotte, North Carolina to get gallons of the Kangen Water.  The drive …

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Kangen Waterista – Samone

We want to introduce you to Kangen Waterista – Samone.  We met Samone at the Bell Street Fair.  Samone owns a cafe and she loves the way her coffee and teas come out.. Samone also believes that the water is AMAZING. Are you a kangen waterista?  Want your picture/story shown? Feel …

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Kangen Water Price List and Model Numbers

Kangen Water Price list Kangen’s Flagship Model – Leveluk SD501 -$3,980 –  7 plates – Ultimate family / business use – approximately $45 per month – 12 months interest free – 230 watts – 5 year warranty – LCD Panel & Voice prompts – Platinum coated titanium electrodes – 15 …

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Enagic Financing Options

Zero Down Zero Interest Financing GREAT NEWS – FINANCE YOUR ENAGIC KANGEN WATER IONIZER! There are several Enagic Financing Options, find out which one is best suited for your personal situation. Now you can own this World Class Top of the Line Alkaline Water Purification System with NO Money Down, …

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