Dehydration and the importance of Alkaline Water

the importance of drinking alkaline water

Dehydration and the Importance of

Kangen Alkaline Water

According to numerous studies, for proper functioning, the human body requires a certain amount of water consumption to hydrate the body and to avoid dehydration.

The amount of water that needs to be consumed will depend on the individuals’ weight, the climate, moisture, the type of work they do and how much they exercise.

A general rule is to consume on average, 30 ml of water per kg of body weight.

Keep in mind that we humans are made to about 70% water, the brain for example is formed to 90% of water, the heart of the 83 % and the eye is formed for the 95% water.

The human body is made up of approximately 70% water.  The brain for example is comprised of 90% water, the heart – 83%, and the eye – 95%.  Shocking huh?

A book written by Iranian medical professional Fereydoon Batmanghelidj entitled ‘Your Body’s many cries for water“, brought attention to the importance of water the in scientific and academic community and is a great book to read about how many of the body’s perceived ailments stem from dehydration.

Hydration is an important aspect in our lifestyle.  However, the majority of today’s water  promote cellular aging and the formation of free radicals.  They do not have the power of hydration that water should have. Enagic Kangen Water is extremely hydrating, and contains anti-oxidants to help turn back the clock of time, providing a more youthful look. Thanks to Enagic Kangen Water’s particular molecular structure, it penetrates deep into your tissues and moisturizes your cells.  Thanks to its hydrating power, Enagic Kangen Water assists the cleaning of your cells and your tissues, favoring the detoxification of your body. This hydration is very important, because it allows a perfect communication between your internal organs, lubricates the joints, helps keep the skin clean and fresh and increases your energy level.

A great number of people are constantly hydrated simply  because they do not drink enough water and they don’t consume enough water to hydrate the body.  It is also estimated that the elderly consume very little water, often only when they must take medication or during meals, which is just not enough.

Dehydration could produce terrible effects, such as physical pain, and cause degenerative diseases.  This alone should make us reflect on the importance of drinking Kangen Alkaline water.

Have you ever seen the smog clouds of Los Angeles or other major metropolitan cities? The pollution generated in recent years has made the water often full of chemical agents that do nothing to help with detoxification of your body.

Bottled water contains chlorine, and  the chlorine unfortunately is not the only substance present in the tap water.  Bottled water is instead a business that generates billions of dollars each year. I tend to joke that EVIAN water should actually be called NAIVE water, lol.

THE water itself may have expired. I invite you to read the expiration date printed on the bottled water….sometimes its years!

Kangen Alkaline Water is the best alkaline water in the world, produced by Enagic ionizers, with 40 years of history, research and studies on ionization of the water.

If you would like more information regarding the Kangen Alkaline Water systems, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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