Enagic Financing Options

kangen financing options

Zero Down Zero Interest Financing


There are several Enagic Financing Options, find out which one is best suited for your personal situation.

Now you can own this World Class Top of the Line Alkaline Water Purification System with NO Money Down, Zero Interest for 12 Months, and Low Monthly Payments.


Contact us and we will provide you with the contact information for some third party financers.


  • 0% Interest Up To 12 Months
  • Requires 620+ Credit Score
  • $46 per month*​

* $46 per month is based on a $4,600 (estimate for SD501, with shipping and tax) loan balance, and a minimum payment of 1% of the outstanding balance.


  1. Contact Kangen Water Los Angeles
  2. Tell us you are interested in possibly getting approved with a third party lending agency, we will give you instructions on how to contact them.

Your Enagic Sponsor Information:
Chirnese Liverpool
Enagic Distributor ID: 7290043

Call me (Chirnese Liverpool) once you are approved so I can help you order your machine using your approved loan…  919-306-4982.  I can assist anyone, anywhere in the world, who is interested in buying a Kangen Water Ionizer Machine.


If you do not qualify for a loan with a 3rd party financer, then you can still order your Enagic machine with an excellent financing program through Enagic Financing (no credit approval required), but this requires a down payment of approximately $800 and 16 monthly payments of $225.00 (For an SD 501, the down payments are cheaper for other models).  If needed, you can download the Enagic Payment Plan forms here…

Enagic DX II Payment Plan

Enagic JR II Payment Plan

Enagic SD 501 Platinum Payment Plan

Enagic SD 501 Payment Plan

Enagic SD 501U Payment Plan

Enagic Super SD 501 Payment Plan

If you are ready to buy your Kangen Water Machine, you can contact me at (919) 306-4982, or you can purchase online (you must enter my Distributor ID # 7290043) or you can begin to fill out these forms:

Buy a Kangen Water Machine with down payment and monthly payments

Buy a Kangen Water Machine with your credit or debit card – Paid in full

See Kangen’s Return Policy

Become a Kangen Water distributor – W9 form

Still have questions, feel free to contact me at at anytime.


  1. Hi Chirnese,

    I have a few requests one is how can I become a distributor? Please, provide me with the information to become one right away. Second, is how can I try a sample of your water?

    Thank you,


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  3. i am looking for financing to start my online company to sell enagic quitmeant.

  4. Hi I’m interested in purchasing a machine through enagic’s in-house financing. Is the machine shipped once I pay the down payment?

    Can I become a distributor while I am paying off the machine. If that’s possible will I receive commission

    Thank you


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