Hiromi Shinya Diet and Kangen Water

Hiromi Shinya Diet And Kangen Water

Hiromi Shinya Diet and kangen water
Kangen water is an important part of the Hiromi Shinya Diet. Photo Credit Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images

Dr. Hiromi Shinya is a gastroenterologist who believes that the modern Western diet contributes to many common health problems. His solution is a vegetarian diet combined with fasting, specially treated water and enzyme supplements. According to Shinya, this regimen will help you live longer and have better health.


According to Shinya, the body’s immune system is based upon enzyme action at the cellular level. When you fast, these enzymes recycle “bad protein” into good protein in your cells. This recycling system detoxifies the body leading to better health. His partner, Dr. Jeffrey W. Noah, is the president of NewZyme Inc., the manufacturer of a line of enzyme supplements required by the Hiromi Shinya diet.


Fasting is a key element of the Hiromi Shinya Diet. Shinya recommends eating nothing after 6 p.m. and consuming nothing but water and a single piece of fresh fruit before lunch. At lunch, he recommends miso or vegetable broth soup. Dinner can be a bowl of steamed seasonal vegetables, according to Shinya’s website.

Kangen Healing Water

Kangen water is ordinary tapwater that is put through a purification filter, then ionized. The ionization process produces two types of water: alkaline, or hydrogen-rich and acidic, or oxygen-rich water. The theory behind Kangen water is that when you drink the alkaline water, the hydrogen atoms bind with free radical oxygen atoms in your body, turning them into ordinary water that is flushed out of your body. Removing these free radicals can help your body heal a variety of ailments, according to Shinya’s website.


The Hiromi Shinya Diet is based on the Shinya-Enzyme supplement that costs $120 for a 90-day supply, as of November 2010. Shinya also sells a variety of other supplements manufactured by NewZyme. Shinya’s books, “The Microbe Factor” and “The Enzyme Factor,” are also available for purchase on his website.


The Hiromi Shinya diet will probably make you lose weight because of its emphasis on fasting. Any time you consume fewer calories than you use, you will lose weight. But little scientific evidence supports Shinya’s claims that his program will improve your health or cure any disease. Always discuss any new dietary program with your doctor or a qualified nutritionist before you begin. If you are pregnant, nursing, or undergoing medical treatment, do not begin a new dietary program without the approval of your doctor.

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