Kangen Water Uses

Uses For Kangen Water

Home Care

Kangen water in the homeHome Care

A green home means a home free of chemicals and other materials that are harsh on our Earth. Whether you’re cleaning, laundering, or washing the dishes.

Personal Care

Kangen Water for Personal CarePersonal Care

Beauty is more than skindeep…when your skin absorbs all those chemicals found in traditional beauty and hair products! Learn how you can be beautifully green with Enagic®.

In the Garden

Kangen Water in the GardenIn the Garden

Gardening has phenomenal benefits for you and your family, and can also help your budget, community, and the environment. Kangen Water® Gardening and Composting is fun, rewarding, and profoundly healthy.

In the Kitchen

Kangen Water in the KitchenKitchen

Your kitchen is where the magic happens! Find Kangen Water® recipes, tips on how to wash and prepare produce with Kangen Water®, and where to find the freshest ingredients possible.

For your Pets

For your PetsFor your Pets

Your household pet is an adored member of your family, who can greatly benefit from greener living standards. Learn how you can care for your pet naturally with Kangen Water®!

5 Kangen Water Types5 Water Types

5 Water Types

Enagic’s innovative water technology produce ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis. These waters can be used for various purposes, including drinking, cooking, beauty, and cleaning.

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