Kangen Waterista – Cary, NC

kangen water testimonial

Today, I received a call from a Kangen Waterista in Cary, North Carolina (close to Durham).  She loves the Kangen Water because it helps her friend who has gout. She informed me that she drives from Cary to Charlotte, North Carolina to get gallons of the Kangen Water.  The drive from Cary to Charlotte is approximately 3 hours!

I informed her that the best way to get the water would be to get a machine.  Because, that way the water is fresh and has all of its anti-oxidant, detoxification, and microclustered powers.  She was considering getting some water from Whole Foods.  I told her that the bottled alkaline water they sell at Whole Foods is not the same and is nowhere near as healthy as the Enagic Kangen Water.  (plus it tastes terrible – or at least the kind I tried).

She wasnt aware that you could get an Enagic Kangen Water Machine with NO CREDIT CHECK thru Enagic in-house financing option.

I just love how Kangen Water is changing everyone’s life.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Chime in, why do you love your Enagic Kangen Water?

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