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Kangen Water Payment Options:

how to afford a kangen water machine

So you decided to purchase one of our Amazing Kangen Water Ionizer Machines eh?  But you want to know how to pay for it.  Well, there are a few options for you.


In-House Financing:


Enagic offers In-House-Financing with very little down on approved credit. You can receive your own SD-501 for as little as a downpayment of $558/USD and 16 payments of $225.

Here is the application for In House Financing.

Third Party Financing Plan:

We can get you in contact with third party financers to see if you can get approved for a low monthly payment. Feel free to contact us asap regarding third party financing.

If you are ready to purchase a Kangen Water Machine, please contact us asap.  We can help you purchase your machine no matter where you are located.


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  2. Hello (Greetings),

    I came across your product on a post on epilepsy. My 6 yr. old daughter just had a seizure possibly due to dehydration. I’ve been using RO water which is lacking in proper mineral balance and learned that ionized water may be much better for her. I may be interested in applying for in-house financing or possibly 3rd party financing. I’m a single mom on a fixed budget. I’m currently paying 250 monthly until June and after that I will be free to begin paying for this machine.

    My question is are there filters necessary to keep the water going or additive solutions?

    (Ankh Mut)

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