Does Shanel Cooper Sykes drink Kangen Water?

shanel cooper sykes kangen water

(photo credit: unknown – I don’t own it)

Does Shanel Cooper Sykes drink Kangen Water?

Inquiring minds want to know.  I decided to create this post, because i’m guessing that Shanel Cooper Sykes probably has google alerts that alert her anytime her name is mentioned online – and I want to get her attention!

I have 3  of her e-books and I take lots of her online webinars.  Every time we are on a webinar, she is drinking a glass of lemon water.  I just want to yell – is that Kangen Water Mrs Cooper-Sykes?????

Well, I dont know whether or not she drinks Kangen Water.  But if she doesn’t drink it, then I am manifesting thru the Law of Attraction that I will sell her a machine, because I know that she will see the value in it (since she has a juicer, drinks water constantly, and is healthy).

Call me Shanel 🙂


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